Winning the customer happiness marathon

An overview of an article about customer happiness, first published on MarketingMag. Read for 7 things to try to win the hearts of your customers.
Gillian Laging
2 min

This is a snapshot of an article by Scopey co-founder Gillian Laging, first published on MarketingMag. You can find the full article here, which includes tips on how to execute each tactic.

Getting customers is the first hurdle. Then you’ve got one shot to prove yourself. Once you’ve done a good job, you can start building up the goodwill in the relationship. 

I’ve worked in the marketing and tech industry for a long time, and while there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, here’s a few strategies I’ve found helpful.

Set expectations and stick to them

Overpromising to close the sale is only going to cause pain later. 

Deliver great customer service

83% of customers identify customer service as a strong driver of loyalty [Statista]. 

Demonstrate social responsibility

Inject some feel-good into purchasing decisions by demonstrating values alignment with your customers. 

Measure satisfaction—but not too much

Start with the baseline data necessary to measure trends, then think about what you’re actually able to change in the next 12 months. 

Incentivise existing customers

Great deals are commonly used to entice new customers, and it can be frustrating for existing customers when they aren't extended the same consideration. 

Reward email opens

Incentivising email list sign ups is a common tactic, but have you tried incentivising opens? 

Champion your customers

Show your customers you’re their biggest fan. 

Meaningfully moving the needle on customer happiness can be challenging when you’ve got a million other things on your list. So focus on what you can consistently deliver until it’s baked into how you operate.