11 UX/UI resources to turbo charge your creative processes

A list of 11 UI tools for creatives.
Gillian Laging
2 min

Good design takes time, yet we never have enough of it. 

And, to succeed as a creative or creative agency, you also need:

  1. Good processes – so the business side of your work doesn’t weigh down the creative.
  2. Good tools – don’t spend your time re-inventing the wheel, when there’s a lot of tools out there to help you do amazing things.

When you've got good design + good processes + good tools – that's the trifecta of success.

We’ve been in this industry for years, and while we built to help with some of the business challenges, we’ve also got a treasure trove of tools we like to use. 

Check them out!

  1. Tailwind CSS
    We love Tailwind! It’s a CSS framework with a comprehensive set of pre-designed and reusable atomic classes for building responsive user interfaces.
  2. Figma [Free and paid tiers]
    A cloud-based collaborative design tool that was giving Adobe a run for their money... Until Adobe acquired Figma for $20B that is.
    A super flexible design experience with heaps of great crowd-sourced plugins, and a pretty generous free tier.
  3. Colour Contrast [Free]
    Click to see our brand colours pass the test. A seriously simple interface, because sometimes that is all you need.
  4. Type Scale  [Free]
    Another super simple site that lets you play around with (you guessed it) the scale of typography for your digital projects. Even better, once you’ve found the perfect font, scale, line height, colour, etc. you can simply copy the CSS.
  5. Material 3 [Free]
    A design system that provides guidelines and tools for building user interfaces that follow Google’s Material Design principles. It includes resources such as UI components, colour palettes, and typography guidance to help developers and designers create consistent and visually appealing experiences across different platforms and devices.
  6. Usability Hub [Free and paid tiers]
    A SaaS that takes the guesswork out of testing prototypes and websites. Conduct surveys, assess hierarchy, quantify first impressions and more.
  7. Optimal Workshop [Free and paid tiers]
    Another testing SaaS, which helps determine how easy it is for people to find information on your website, as well as qualitative research tools and more.
  8. AB Testguide [Free]
    If you want to get scientific with your test data, use AB Testguide to determine the appropriate sample size for your A/B test. This will ensure you obtain statistically significant and reliable results.
  9. Good UI [Paid]
    Shortcut your UI layout decision making with this exceptional resource of UI design tests, templates and patterns. This great library of tests that have already been conducted will undoubtedly save you time. A very limited selection of results are available on the website before sign up is required.
  10. LottieFlies [Free and paid tiers]
    This is a fun platform with a library of high-quality, customizable animations and illustrations in Lottie format (a lightweight and scalable animation format for the web and mobile applications). There are great free options that can be easily customised to suit your projects.
  11. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [Free]
    Last but not least, the comprehensive guide to accessible design that everyone should already know. An un-gated resource with all of the standards you need to be able to design to accessible standards.

If you’ve got some UI tools you love you use, we’d love to hear about it!

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