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"Scopey has been great, it didn’t just help us to bill more, it also meant we had a clearer original scope that took half the time".

Ben McKeown - Design Director

You can't stop change,
but you can make it work for you.

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Projects are moving faster, people expect agility, yet the way we manage change requests hasn’t kept pace.

Scopey is the effortless way to generate more revenue from your projects with fast quoting and easy approvals.

Save time

How long does it take you to create a scope of work? We bet we can cut down those hours by 90%! Scopey's AI powered scope of work builder creates scopes of work in minutes.

Increase revenue

Never let an opportunity fall through the cracks – your Scopey copilot detects new requests for you. Plus, increase revenue by showing your related services that will benefit your client's project.

No awkward conversations

Scopey makes it simple to maintain transparently with clients. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting (and not getting) for their money. No more mismatched expectations or surprise invoices.

Happy clients

Your client will feel in control, and there’s no extra effort to keep them informed. Quotes are clearly communicated, eliminating misunderstandings and helping clients make informed decisions.
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Quote and scope work in minutes, not hours

Scopey's unique quoting processes are built on decades of trial and error. Now we've packaged our winning formula into a platform that will save you hours, and ensure team-wide consistency.
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Instantly capture new requests

Small requests turn into big changes that can derail a project. Scopey  is here to stop scope creep in its tracks. Your AI copilot catches new requests instantly, making it easy to present out of scope work as optional services that can be added to the project.
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Easy, one-tap approvals

Your clients are busy and your competition is fierce! Improve your chances of getting new requests  approved by quoting them quickly, and delight your clients by being responsive. Scopey's streamlined processes are keep the project moving!

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FAQ: Your Guide to tackling
Scope Creep

Discover how our all-in-one solution empowers you to create detailed scopes of work, prevent scope creep, increase revenue, and keep your clients happy.
Is Scopey Project Management software?

No, we created Scopey because Project Management software is overly complicated for managing project scopes and change requests with clients. Scopey is Scope Management software, think of the project scope as a menu your client orders from, while the busy kitchen is project management. Scopey will integrate with Project Management and other tools you use.

What is scope creep and why is it a problem?

Scope creep occurs when your projects begin growing beyond the original agreement – due to extra work or features being added without proper planning or compensation. It's a real business killer, costing you around 10-15% of your annual revenue. So, if you want to save money and keep your projects on track, dealing with scope creep is a must.

How can Scopey help me prevent scope creep?

Scopey helps you create detailed scopes of work that ensure everyone's on the same page. Plus, it makes it simple for clients to request additional work and approve additional budget.

Can Scopey actually make me more money?

Absolutely! Scopey has some awesome features to boost your revenue. Instead of doing change requests for free, upsell your services to clients. Plus, Scopey helps you discover additional services that will benefit your clients, giving you more opportunities to expand your scope of work and make more money.

How will Scopey keep my clients happy?

With Scopey, your clients will feel like the VIPs they are. They'll feel heard, because their requests aren't getting lost in email chains or text threads. They'll be better informed about the cost of their requests, and empowered to decide whether or not to add them to the project scope. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and unexpected bills. Happy clients, happy you!

Can I get in on this Scopey action?

Definitely! You can request to join the beta release – book a demo or fill in a form and we'll show you the ropes. As an early user, you'll have access to exclusive pricing. Don't miss out on this all-in-one platform for proposals, scope management, and approvals.